East India Company Facts

East India Company Facts and Details.

East India Company Facts and Rules

East India Company Facts

  • Company rule effectively begins in 1757after the battle of Plassey.
  • In the battle of Plassey, Nawab of Bengal Surrendered his dominions to the company.
  • The company was granted the right to collect revenue, in Bengal and Bihar in 1765.
  • When the company established its capital in Calcutta and Warren Hasting was the first governor.
  • Company rule lasted until 1858.
  • Siraj-ud-Daula was the last independent Nawab of Bengal who succeeded Alivardi Khan to the throne.
  • The first Nawab of Bengal under Company rule was Mir Jafar Ali Khan Bahadur.
  • Mir Qasim was the Nawab of Bengal from 1760 to 1763.
  • The battle of Buxar was fought on 23rd October 1764.

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