Classification of Matter-Summary PSC GK

Classification of Matter, Chemistry is the branch of science which deals with the study of matter and numerous modifications it undergoes.

Matter is defined as anything that occupies and has mass.

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Classification of Matter

At a given temperature, an element is in one of the three states of matter-Solid, Liquid or Vapour.

1. Solids:

Solid possess definite shape and volume.

They have strongest intermolecular interactions.

Solids are generally hard and rigid.

Examples are metals, bricks, wood etc…

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2. Liquids:-

They possess definite volume but no definite shape.

Liquids have intermediate intermolecular forces between constituent particles.

Liquids can flow, so they are called fluids

Examples are water, milk, oil, etc….

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3. Vapour (Gases):-

Vapor have neither a definite volume nor definite shape.

They takes the quantity and form of the container. They are especially compressible and feature minimal intermolecular interactions

Examples are air, oxygen, hydrogen, etc…

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Melting point of a substances is the temperature at which its solid form changes to a liquid.

The melting point of water of a pressure of 1 dtm or 760mm Hg is 0 degree on the Celsius temperature scale and 32 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.

A physical change is a change in matter that does not involve a chemical reaction.

In the case of a substance retains its chemical identity and molecular composition.

The 3 kinds of bodily adjustments are melting, evaporation and freezing.

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