Scientific instruments and their uses

Scientific instruments and their uses, Scientific Instruments are mainly used for indicating, measuring, and recording physical quantities. Here we collated all scientific instrument’s details and their uses below.

scientific instruments and their uses

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Instrument Name Use
AltimeterMeasure Altitudes in Aircraft
AmmeterMeasures electric current
AnemometerMeasure force and velocity of wind and directions
AudiometerMeasures intensity of sound
BolometerMeasures heat radiation
CalorimeterMeasures quantities of heat
Cardiogram ECGTraces movement of hart, recorded on a Cardiograph
ChronometerDetermines longitude of a vessel at sea
ColorimeterCompare intensity of colors
CryometerA type of thermometer used to measure very temperatures, usually close to 0 degree
DynamoTo convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
Electroencephalograph EECRecords and Interprets the electrical waves of the brain recorded on an electroencephalograms
ElectroscopeDetects the presence of an electric charge
EndoscopeTo examine internal parts of the body
FathometerMeasures the depth of the ocean
GalvanometerMeasures the electric current
HygrometerMeasures the level of humidity
HydrophoneMeasures sound underwater
HypsometerTo determine the boiling point of liquids
KymographGraphically records physiological movement
LactometerMeasures the relative density of milk to determine purity
MachmeterDetermines the speed of an aircraft in terms of speed of sound
ManometerMeasures the pressure of gases
MicrometerMeasures thickness, width, wavelength, diameter of the hair, wool, radiation, or cell or bacteria.
MicrophoneConvert sound waves into electrical vibrations
MicroscopeTo obtain a magnified view of small objects
PeriscopeTo view objects above sea level
PhotometerCompares the luminous intensity of the source of light
PolygraphThe instrument that simultaneously records changes in the physiological processes such as heartbeat, blood- pressure, and respiration, used as a lie detector
PyrheliometerMeasures component of solar radiation
PyrometerMeasures very high temperature
RadarTo detect the direction and range of an approaching airplane by means of radio waves
SalinometerDetermine sanity of solutions
SphygmometerMeasures blood pressure
StereoscopeTo view two-dimensional pictures
StethoscopeUsed by doctors to hear and analyze heart and lung sounds
TelemeterRecords physical happenings at a distance place
ThermostatRegulates temperature at a particular point
TonometerMeasures the internal pressure of the eye to detect a diseases
UdometerRain gauge to measure the quantity of rain
UltrasonoscopeTo measure and use ultrasonic sound, Use to make Ecogram detect brain tumors, heart defects, and abnormal growth.
ViscometerMeasures the viscosity of a liquid

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