Fathers of Various Fields-General Knowledge

Fathers of Various Fields, all types of competitive exams most often asked questions are persons known for being the fathers of a particular field or invention in the GK section.

The candidate should know the important ones so that they can maximize their probabilities of scoring in GK.

Here we collated all-important names Fathers of Various Fields (World)

Fathers of Various Fields

Father of printingGuttenberg
Father of Modern CinemaD.W. Griffith
Father of HistoryHerodotus
Father of EconomicsAdam Smith
Father of PhilosophySocrates
Father of SociologyAuguste Comte
Father of English PoetryGeoffrey Chaucer
Father of BiologyAristotle
Father of English EssayFrancis Bacon
Father of HomeopathySamuel Hahnemann
Father of Greek DemocracyCleisthenes
Father of DemocracyPericles
Father of ReformationMartin Luther
Father of RenaissancePetrarch
Father of Motor carHenry Ford
Father of GeneticsGregor Mendel
Father of Atom BombOtto Hahn
Father of JurisprudenceJohn Locke
Father of Co-operationRobert Owen
Father of SocialismRobert Owen

Now you are aware of the important list of Famous Fathers of the world. If you want to mention additional names please mention them in the comment box.

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