Who is the Father of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Who is the Father of AI? Listed Important names here.

Who is the Father of AI?

1) Father of Computer- Charles Babbage

2) Father of Computer Science-Alan Turing

3) Father of Information Theory-Claude Shannon

4) Father of Information Technology in India-Rajiv Gandhi

5) Father of Electronic Digital Computer-John Vincent

6) Father of Internet-Vinton Cerf

7) Father of Free Software- Richard Stallman

8) Father of Binary Code-Eugene Paul Curtis

9) Father of Supercomputer-Seymour Cray

10) Father of Indian Super Computer- Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar

11) Father of Personal Computer-Henry Roberts (Philip Don Estridge is also known as Father of the personal computer)

12) Father of Video Games-Ralph Baer

13) Father of Data Processing-Herman Hollerith

14) Father of Artificial Intelligence- John MacCarthy

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