General Science Chemistry-GK Part1

General Science Chemistry, substances, and chemical compositions are important areas in all types of exams.

Listed here important Chemical Names, Common Names, compositions, and Formulas.

General Science Chemistry

Common NameChemical NameCompositionFormula
AlumPotashPotassium, Sulphur, Aluminium, Hydrogen & OxygenK2SO4AI2(SO4)3
Bleaching PowderCalcium hypochloriteCalcium, Chlorine, and OxygenCaCI(OCI)
Blue VitriolCopper SulphateCopper, Sulphur, and OxygenCuSO45H20
Caustic PotashPotassium hydroxidePotassium, Hydrogen, and OxygenKOH
ChalkCalcium CarbonateCalcium, Carbon, and OxygenCaCO3
Caustic SodaSodium hydroxideSodium, Hydrogen, and OxygenNaOH
Baking SodaSodium bicarbonateSodium, Hydrogen, Carbon, and OxygenNaHCO3
Common SaltSodium ChlorideSodium and ChlorineNaCl
Epsom SaltMagnesium SulphateMagnesium, Sulphur, and OxygenMgSO4. 7H2O
GalenaLead SulphideLead and SulphurPbS
Green VitriolIron SulphateOron, Sulphur, and OxygenFESO4. 7H2O
Glauber’s Salt GypsumSodium Sulphate Calcium Sulphate dihydrateSodium, Sulphur, Oxygen, and HydrogenNa2SO4.10H2O CaSO4.2H2O
Laughing GasNitrous OxideNitrogen and OxygenN2O
Lime WaterCalcium hydroxideCalcium, Hydrogen, and OxygenCa(OH)2
LithargeLead MonoxideLead and OxygenPbO
Plaster of ParisCalcium Sulphate hemihydrateCalcium, Sulphur, Hydrogen, and Oxygen2CaSO4H2O
QuartzSodium SilicateSodium, Silica, and OxygenNa2SiO3
Quick LimeCalcium oxideCalcium and OxygenCaO
Red LeadTriplumbicLead and OxygenPb3O4
Sal ammoniacAmmonium ChlorideNitrogen, Hydrogen, and ChlorineNH4CI
Soda ash or Washing SodaSodium CarbonateSodium, Hydrogen, Carbon, and OxygenNa2CO3.10H2O
Soda bicarbonateSodium bicarbonateSodium, Hydrogen, Carbon, and OxygenNaHCO3
White VitriolZinc SulphateZinc, Sulphur, Hydrogen, and OxygenZnSO4.7H2O

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