High Court Assistant 2021-Questions Part 2

High Court Assistant 2021-Questions Part 2, If you want to read Part 1 click here

1) The first all-women court in India-Malda (WB)

2) First High Court to establish a Green Bench in India-Calcutta High Cort (1996)

3) The first state to start Mobile court in India- Haryana

4) An article which deals with the Original Jurisdiction of Supreme Court- Article 131

5) India adopted the idea of judicial review from the USA

6) Which Article deals with the Judicial review-Article 13

7) Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court are

  1. Original Jurisdiction
  2. Writ Jurisdiction
  3. Appellate Jurisdiction
  4. Advisory Jurisdiction (Comes Under Article 143)
  5. Revisory Jurisdiction

8) The first Malayalee to become a Supreme court Judge-Justice P Govinda Menon

9) The first Malayalee to become the Chief Justice of India-Justice K Balakrishnan (37th CJI)

10) National Judicial Academy is at Bhopal

11) National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms was set up in June 2011

12) Indian High Court Act Passed in 1861 (Period of Lord Canning)

13) First High Court was inaugurated in the period of John Lawrence

14) The institution of the High Court was originated in India-1862 (Calcutta, Bombay & Madras)

15) Judges of High Courts are appointed by the President

16) Who initiated the establishment of the Supreme Court at Calcutta- Warren Hastings (1774)

17) The Oath or affirmation to the Judges of the High Court is administered by the Governor of the State.

18) Judges of the High Court shall hold office until they attain the age of 62 Years.

19) Supreme Court Judges Qualification

  1. Should be a citizen of India
  2. Five years experience as a Judge of High Court or Ten years practice as an advocate of High Court or in the opinion of the President, a distinguished jurist.

20) High Court Judge Qualification

  1. Should be a citizen of India
  2. Should have held a judicial office in the territory of India for ten years or should have been an advocate of a High Court for ten years.

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