General Science Chemistry-GK Part4

General Science Chemistry-GK Part4-Plastics and Polymers

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1) Vulcanization gives strength, hardness, and elasticity to rubber.

2) Plastics consist of very long molecules, each composed of carbon atoms linked into chains.

3) Polythene is composed of over 200000 carbon atoms.

4) Some plastics are made from plant oils and the majority are made from fossil fuels.

5) Polymers are big, chain-like molecules made up of several smaller molecules linked together chemically.

6) Monomers are small molecular building units.

7) Polymerization is a process that involves the repetitive joining of monomers to form chains.

8) Starch and wool are natural polymers.

9) Nylon and polyethylene are synthetic polymers.

10) Natural rubber obtained from white fluid latex.

11) The simplest unit of rubber is isoprene (C5H8)

General Science Chemistry-GK Part4-Plastics and Polymers

PolythenePacking Material, Carry Bags, Bottles, etc..
PolypropeneBottles, Crates, etc…
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Pipes Insulation
Nylon (Polyester)Fibers, ropes, etc…
TeflonNonstick kitchen wares
Vinyl rubberRubber erasers
PolystyreneFoam Thermocole
Poly (Styrene-butadiene)Rubber bubble gum
BakeliteElectrical insulation buttons
LexanBulletproof glass

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