General Science Chemistry-GK Part5

General Science Chemistry-GK Part5, Radioactivity, Nuclear Reactions, and Atomic Energy.

General Science Chemistry-GK Part5


1) Radioactivity is discovered by French physicist Henry de Becquerel in 1896

2) Radiations are three kinds Alpha, Beta, and Gamma

3) Alpha:-Each particle contains a pair of neutrons and a pair of protons.

4) Alpha:- It is a positively charged helium atom that has very little penetrating power.

5) Beta:-Negatively charged light particles. Penetrating power higher than Alpha.

6) Gamma:-These are electromagnetic radiations of low wavelength, high frequency, and high energy.

7) Emission of alpha particle an atomic number of an element decreased by 2 and the mass number decreased by 4.

8) Emission of beta particle an atomic number of an element is increased by 1 and the mass number does not change.

Nuclear Reactions and Atomic Energy

9) Nuclear reactions are two types: Nuclear fusion and Nuclear fission.

10) Nuclear fission:-Fragmentation of a large nucleus into two smaller nuclei and the liberation of large energy.

11) Atom bomb was discovered by Orro Hahn

12) Atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945

13) The second Atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki

14) Nuclear Fusion:-Lighter nuclei fuse to form a nucleus of greater mass. An enormous amount of heat is produced in this reaction.

15) Atomic energy:- Energy produced by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion is called nuclear energy or Atomic energy.

16) Atomic energy process loss of mass is converted into energy.

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