General Science Chemistry-GK Part6

General Science Chemistry-GK Part6-Types of Glasses and Usages

General Science Chemistry-GK Part6

Glass is a mixture of an alkali silicate with the silicate of a base, that is silica, sodium silicate, and calcium or lead silicate.

Types of Glasses and Usages

Milky GlassTin oxide(SnO2), Calcium phosphate [(Ca3(PO4)2] OR cryolite (Na3AIF6) to the melt glass
Flint GlassLead oxide (PbO)Optical instruments like lenses, prisms.
Soda or Soft GlassSodium Calcium silicateMaking Bottles, window panes, etc. It is ordinary glass
Potash or Hard GlassPotassium carbonate (K2CO3)It has a higher softening temperature. Used for making beakers, flasks, funnel, etc.
Crown GlassPotassium oxide (K2O) Barium Oxide (BaO), Boric Oxide (B2O3), and Silica(SiO2)Used for optical apparatus
Crook’s GlassCesium oxidesUsed for spectacles
Glass LaminatesMade by fixing polymer sheets between layers of glassto make windows and screens of cars, trains, and aircraft.
Jena Glasscontains B2O3 and aluminaused for making laboratory bottles for keeping acids and alkalies

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