General Science Chemistry-GK Part8

General Science Chemistry-GK Part8, Branches of Science-Abbreviations and Full name

General Science Chemistry-GK Part8

Acarology- Study of mites

Adenology- Study of glands

Angiology- Study of blood flow and lymphatic system

Apiology- Study of bees

Arthrology- Study of joints

Astheniology- Study of disease of weakening and aging

Auxology- Science of Growth

Barology- Study of gravitation

Biometric- Study of biological measurements

Bromatology- Study food

Ctetology- Study of the inheritance of acquired characteristics

Carcinology-Study of cards and other crustaceans

Carpology- Study of fruits and seeds

Cetology- Study of whales and dolphins

Cosmology- Study of the universe

Craniology- Study of skull

Demography- Study of population

Dermatology- Study of skin

Ecology- Study of environment

Edaphology- Study of soils

Entomology- Study of insects

Epidemiology- Study of diseases/ epidemics

Geology- Study of earth’s crust

Graminology- Study of grasses

Helminthology- Study of worms

Hematology- Study of blood

Horticulture- Study of gardening

Hyetology- Study of rainfall

Kalology- Study of beauty

Meteorology- Study of weather

Magirics- Art of cookery

Nephology- Study of clouds

Odontology- Study of teeth

Oology- Study of eggs

Ornithology-Study of birds

Palaeontology-Study of fossils

Seismology- Study of earthquakes

Toxicology- Study of poisons

Urology- Study of Urine, urinary tact

Virology- Study of viruses

Xylology- Study of wood

Zoology- Study of animals

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