GK on Physics Questions-Part 2

GK on Physics Questions-Part 2, Important Discoveries.

GK on Physics Questions-Part 2

1) Tachyon is a particle that is supposed to travel faster than light and was discover by an Indian Scientist E C G Sudarshan

2) The principle of Three Primary Colors was proposed by Thomas Young

3) The scientist who discovered that constituent colors join together to form composite light Isaac Newton

4) The corpuscular theory of Light was proposed by Isaac Newton.

5) A scientist who discovered that “The light travels fastest in Vacuum” Leon Foucault

6) Electromagnetic wave theory was formulated by James Clerk Maxwell

7) First, an accurate measurement of the speed of light was made by Ole Christian Romer

8) The scientist who proved that light is an electromagnetic wave, Henrich Hertz

9) Wave theory of light was proposed by Christian Huygens

10) The scientist who discovered that sunlight consists of 7 colors Isaac Newton

11) The colour which appears on the lowest portion of rainbow-violet

12) Colour having minimum wavelength- Violet

13) Colour having maximum wavelength-Red

14) Colour having minimum frequency-Red

15) Color having maximum frequency-Violet

16) The light that scatters most- Violet

17) The light that scatters least-Red

18) The colour which reflects all other colours-White

19) The colour which absorbs all other colours –Black

20) The colour which absorbs maximum heat- Black

21) The colour which absorbs minimum heat –White

22) The colour which appears on the upper portion of the rainbow-Red

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