GK on Physics Questions-Part 3

GK on Physics Questions-Part 3, Light Year, Photoelectric Effect and Quantum Theory

GK on Physics Questions-Part 3

1) The distance traveled by light in one year is called a light-year

2) The unit used to measure the distance between stars Light Year

3) 1 light-year 9.46×1012 km

4) 1 parsec 3.26 light year

5) Primary colours used in coluor television Red, Blue, Green

6) Primary colour pigments used in printing Yellow, Magenta, Cyan

7) Green+Red=Yellow

8) Blue+Red=Magenta

9) Green+Blue=Cyan

10) Any two colours that combine together to form white colour are called complementary colours.

11) Green+Magenta=White

12) Red+Cyan=White

13) Blue+Yellow=White

14) Combining Red+Blue+Green=White

15) The blue colour of the sky was explained by Lord Rayleigh

16) Blue colour of the Sea was explained by Sir C V Raman

17) Colours obtained by mixing any two primary colours Secondary Colours

18) The photoelectric effect was proposed by Henrich Hertz

19) The photoelectric effect was discovered by Henrich Hertz

20) The photoelectric effect was explained by Albert Einstein

21) The law of the Photoelectric effect was formulated by Albert Einstein

22) Albert Einstein won the Nobel Price in 1921 for the scientific explanation of the photoelectric effect

23) Einstein explained the photoelectric effect on the basis of Quantum Theory

24) The photoelectric effect cannot be explained on the basis of electromagnetic theory.

25) Quantum theory was put forward by Max Plank

Quantum theory states that the light rays consist of small energy packets called quantum

According to quantum theory, quantum pf light is known as a photon

The phenomenon of emission of light from substances after the absorption of photons is called Photoluminescence

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