GK on Physics Questions-Part 4

GK on Physics Questions-Part 4- Refraction

GK on Physics Questions-Part 4

Refraction is the bending of light when a ray of light travels from one medium to another.

Fata Morgana is a term related to Mirage

When a scale is immersed in a glass of water it seems to be bent due to refraction.

Stars appear to be twinkling due to refraction

The phenomenon of mirage in deserts is due to Refraction

The measure of optical density of the medium is the Refractive index

Refractive Index

A diamond sparkles due to total internal reflection because it has a high refractive index.

Principle of automotive rain sensors Total Internal Reflection

Dispersion of light was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton

The red colour in the rainbow is seen at an angle of 42.8 degrees and that violet colour is at 40.8 degrees.

Colour at the top of rainbow-Red

Colour at the bottom of rainbow-Violet

Colour at the center of rainbow-Green

When we see a Rainbow from space looks like a circle and from the earth is a half-circle.

The different colours in soap bubbles are due to the Interference of light.

Colours that appear on the upper layer of oil that spread on road is due to Interference

Interference pattern first observed by British Physicist, Thomas Young

The projector in a film theatre works on the principle of diffraction.

Rings around the sun are due to diffraction.

The blue colour of the sky is due to the scattering

Reddening of the sun at sunrise and sunset occurs due to the scattering of light.

Shorter wavelength light scattered is more than longer wavelength light.

The colour which scatters most Violet

The color which scatters least Red

The blue colour of the sky and yellow tone of the sun is due to Rayleigh Scattering

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