FACTS About India

FACTS About India-General Information

FACTS About India-

India got Freedom – 15th August 1947

The First President of India- Dr. Rajendra Prasad

The First Prime Minister of India- Jawahar Lal Nehru

The first Indian to reach Mount Everest- Bachendri Pal

The youngest lady in the world who conquered Mount Everest-Dicky Dolma

The first Indian Satellite- Aryabhata

The National Flower of India-Lotus

The National Animal of India- Lion

The heights peak of India- Godwin Austein (8611 meters)

The highest peak of the world-Mount Everest (Nepal)

The largest state of India-Rajasthan

The longest river in India-Ganga

The largest lake in India-Woolar Lake

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The longest railway platform in India- Kharagpur West Bengal (833 meter)

Highest Dam In India-Bhakhra Dam

Tallest TV Tower in India- T V Tower of Delhi

Largest City in India- Kolkata

Largest Delta in India-Sundarbans

Biggest Cave Temple in India-Ellora

Longest Road in India-Grand Trunk Road

Largest Zoo in India- Zoological Garden of Alipur in Kolkata

Largest Museum in India- India Museum in Kolkata

Biggest Mosque in India- Jama Masjid at Delhi

Largest Lines- Boeing 747

Tallest Animal in India-Giraffe

In world Area India’s Position-7

Total Area of India under Forest-22%

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Name of the bridge between India and Sri Lanka- Adam’s Bridge

The women Cheif Minister in India-Sucheta Kripalini

The first women governor in India- Sarojini Naidu

The first women Prime Minister-Indira Gandhi

National Bird-Peacock

Kathakali Dance-Orissa

Kuchipudi Dance-Andhra Pradesh

Bharata Natyam Dance-Tamil Nadu

Radio Broadcasting started-1942 From Madras

TV Programme started from Delhi-15th December 1959

First Talkative Filim- Alam Aara (1931)

First silent film-Pundlik (1912)

The first colored film- Jhansi Ki Rani (1950)

The width of the broad gauge railway line-1.676 meters

Name of fourth line-Special Gauge

Narrow Gauge- 0.762 meters

Meter Gauge-1 Meters

Hava Mahal is at-Jaipur

Prince of Walse Museum-Mumbai

Dum Dum International Airports-Kolkata

Meenambakkam Airport- Chennai

Sahara Airport-Mumbai

Indira Gandhi Airport- Delhi

Longest Tunnel- Jammu and Kashmir, Jawahar Tunnel

Tallest Statue of Gomteshwara- Karnataka

Smallest State in India-Goa

Lowest population in India-Sikkim

Largest Population in India-Uttarpradesh

The highest rainfall in India-Mawsynram, Meghalaya

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