General English

English test a level, English is a crucial part in any of the exams or interviews. If the candidate can achieve a good score in general English if they have strong basics in English.

Welcome to your PSC Mock Test in English-Set1

1. The old the garden.
2. The police -----registered a case.
3. -----theirs a love marriage?
4. Sajeesh went to ---school to meet the headmaster
5. She was married .......... a doctor
6. He is senior________me, though he is younger.
7. Do sit down ------- ?
8. Come what-----, I will do it.
9. ‘Immediate’ means?
10. He left India hardly ---year ago
11. ----language he used was English
12. He will be here after ---hour
13. On very high mountains there aren’t _____ trees
14. The opposite of 'bravery' is
15. Who is ---honorable minister for health?
16. The poor man died without----heir
17. His ambition is to become ---MLA
18. Select a word opposite in meaning to the key word FRAGILE
19. It is a small.............practical kitchen.
20. Choose the correctly spelt word